I’m still alive

Hai guys,

Still alive (somewhat). Some of you know I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and this winter has been a tough one.

I’m currently spending my free time playing World of Warcraft. Not sure if/when I’ll return to TS2, so…


I’m visiting the motherland this weekend. No simming for me, but a huge family reunion with lots of yummy food, and spending some time at home. Yay!

there are always 3 types of sims gamers:

benevolent god: okay i'm gonna set everything up really nice and make sure everyone is comfortable and then i'll zoom right in and watch carefully oops is your hunger bar getting low don't worry shh i have that taken care of i have a cheat shhh it's okay keep painting that weird purple thing i love you

distant god: i'll set your life in motion but then i'm gonna pull back and let you do your thing maybe i'll wander the town a bit i'm sure you'll be fine


I used to be a benevolent god for ages, but since I started a more story-based game approach, I've moved to distant god, bordering on trickster god who enjoys soap operas way too damn much.

swedishjazz asked
Natasha Una or John Mole? c:
Natasha Una:
  • What they smell like: Fresh, warm buttery toast, and acrylics.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Natasha claims she can survive on 30 minutes’ sleep every 4 hours. Mostly she’s just chronically overtired, and her sleep schedule is a hot mess.
  • What music they enjoy: She enjoys psychedelic rock.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Between 30 minutes and an hour. Makeup is a form of art, after all.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Oddly shaped bits of illustration board or canvas. She claims they’re sure to come in handy for a project one day.
  • Left or right-handed: Leftie
  • Favorite sport: Grilled Cheese Eating Contests
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: She experiences her holidays afterwards, through the bazillions of pictures she took.
  • Favorite kind of weather: Hot and humid
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Being eaten by a shark when swimming in the deep end of the pool
  • Favourite icecream flavour: Passion fruit sorbet
John Mole:
  • What they smell like: Leather and menthol cigarettes.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): He’s a total insomniac, and definitely a night owl.
  • What music they enjoy: 80’s synth.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Half an hour, more or less. Most of it is spent on his hair and carefully maintaining his manly stubble without it becoming scruffy.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Evidence. o_o
  • Left or right-handed: Righthanded
  • Favorite sport: John’s love of Simerican Football is one of his most closely guarded secrets. He doesn’t think it fits the secret agent image.
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: He’d go for all the standard touristy trap stuff and stand politely in line with hundreds of strangers to have a look at the fabled gardens of Al Simhara, or take cheesy pictures pretending to hold up the Simffle Tower.
  • Favorite kind of weather: Grey and drizzly. Makes it easier for him to loaf around in a trenchcoat with popped collar without being noticed.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Being abducted by aliens.
  • Favourite icecream flavour: Phish Food
Licas! (For the head cannon thingy) :3 
  • What they smell like: Motor oil mixed in with a sweaty, musky, wild sort of scent.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Sleep doesn’t come easily to Licas, being a werewolf. And when it does, it isn’t very restful. He has a tendency to kick off the blankets and make growly sounds in his sleep. He’d rather get up to other things in bed *waggle eyebrows*
  • What music they enjoy: His tastes range from classic rock to heavy metal. His favourite band is Splinefest, which he and Lexi bonded over when they first met.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Licas just rolls out of bed and gets on with things. 
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Spare parts and scrap metal. Never know when it might come in handy.
  • Left or right-handed: Licas is a southpaw.
  • Favorite sport: Motorcycle racing, preferably cross country.
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: Finding the roughest, least classy bar, pub or local watering hole, getting drunk with the natives, and getting into a barfight.
  • Favorite kind of weather: Warm autumn nights when the moon is full, red and huge in the sky.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Catching fleas. He’d never get them out of his werewolf pelt.
  • Favourite icecream flavour: Dark chocolate drizzled with raspberry sauce.
martensitemaiden asked
@ meme: Nora, Lexi and Adrian :)


  • What they smell like: Oldfashioned soap without any added scent
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Nora is an early riser (much to the annoyance of Colin Cho, who decidedly isn’t). She tucks up in a little ball and buries herself underneath the covers.
  • What music they enjoy: She won’t ever admit it, but Nora loves soppy country songs about doomed romances.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Not a lot. Quick wash of the face, a comb through her hair, and Nora’s ready to face the day.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Allergies
  • Left or right-handed: Rightie
  • Favorite sport: Chess, if that’s a sport
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: Visiting museums
  • Favorite kind of weather: Stormy autumn weather with lots of rain and the occasional thunderclap
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Losing her mind
  • Favourite icecream flavour: Honeycomb


  • What they smell like: Apricots and sunshine
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Lexi is a deep sleeper and kicks around a lot (poor Adrian!). She snores.
  • What music they enjoy: Anything hard and heavy she can rock out to. Her favourite album is Grim Reaper by Splinefest. She likes playing the air guitar.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Not a great amount, although she does spend quite a bit of effort on her hair, and never skips her skin routine.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: 'Liberated' artifacts from her travels
  • Left or right-handed: Righthanded
  • Favorite sport: Despite her tiny frame, Lexi loves a good game of rugby
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: Exploring ruins, catacombs, and the like.
  • Favorite kind of weather: Sizzling summer heat.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Meeting Bigfoot.
  • Favourite icecream flavour: Mint chocolate chip.


  • What they smell like: Sweat, a mixture of smells from building sites and carpentry (woodcurls, paint, asphalt, brickdust) and cinnamon.
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Adrian sleeps on his back, and usually is asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. He can sleep through the loudest thunderstorms without waking up.
  • What music they enjoy: Indie rockbands.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Adrian has trouble waking up in the mornings, and needs at least an hour and several cups of coffee before he’s himself. Picking out a sweater can take a while as well.
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Little models and toys that he crafts for fun.
  • Left or right-handed: Righthanded
  • Favorite sport: Ice hockey
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: Admiring the local architecture and trying out lots of new foods.
  • Favorite kind of weather: Crisp autumn days when the sky is clear.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: Being turned into a supernatural creature, especially a vampire or zombie.
  • Favourite icecream flavour: Pistachio

Gamboa: Let's do a weird headcanon thing


Give me a character and I’ll tell you my headcanon for:

  • What they smell like:
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):
  • What music they enjoy:
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning:
  • Their favorite thing to collect:
  • Left or right-handed:

Maxis sims or Badger’s Sett, take your pick :)

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A couple of outtakes that didn’t make it into this week’s update:

Licas and Silvie having a nap together, Licas prepping some haute cuisine (look closely at the ‘cereal box’), and The Kiss :)

Lexi and Licas have been up to a bit more than smooches in my game >:)

lovey626-sims2 asked
Hi I love to see all of your posts in my feed. You are so talented with decorating your hoods, and know exactly how to place decos to get the vibe for the type of hood you create. I wanted to give a city type hood a try and was wondering if you could suggest a terrain? I wanted something not too large, but not too small. Something that could be decorated like a city as New York or Boston with large buildings toward the center smaller sections outside of it for houses. Any ideas ? Thanks for any

Hi there! First of all thank you for your kind words :)

Suggesting terrains is difficult, especially as I don’t really know what you want exactly. Maybe give Criquette’s Fokshire terrain a go, or if you want something more island-ey like NY, AliceSacco’s Tromsøya looks quite nice. And there’s my own version of Downtown, which you can download here

I do take requests for SC4 terrains, but if you want to request one, please make sure to give me a proper idea of what you want. Sketches are particularly helpful!